Getting to Know Bryn Nottoli

Athletic trainer Bryn Nottoli begins his teaching career at Antioch Community High School.


Sophia Semersky

In his first semester of teaching at Antioch Community High School, Bryn Nottoli supervises a 6th hour Boy's Physical Best class as they warm-up before their daily workout.

Going into his first year of teaching Physical Education, athletic trainer Bryn Nottoli has plenty of experience working with students and athletes. Before Antioch Community High School, Nottoli worked in multiple other schools including New Trier, Maine South, Evanston Township High School and North Shore Country Day High School as an athletic trainer.

After working with athletes as an athletic trainer, Nottolli discovered his interest in teaching these students rather than just caring for their injuries.

 “I started to realize that the parts of my job that I enjoyed most were working with students and being able to facilitate learning and teaching about rehabs,” Nottoli said.

 While he is a first-year teacher, Nottoli had the advantage of student teaching at ACHS, where he is already employed as an athletic trainer.

 “It was a lot of learning and getting to learn students from a different perspective,” Nottoli said.

This school year Nottoli hopes to discover what students enjoy learning and to create a plan to use in order to teach them about their interests.