Girls Basketball Takes on the Rams

Although the girls lost the game, they exceded their own expectations in the way they played.


Despite a tough loss, the girls basketball team still made progress in their skills and team work.

Antioch Community High School girl’s basketball team stepped onto Grayslake Central’s home court, expecting to play hard if they wanted to come home as champions. They knew it was going to be a good game, and they had to play their best game.


“Central has always been one of the best teams,” senior Gianna Riforgiato said.“So when we went there last night, that is what we were expecting. Although we still lost, I was super proud of how well we did against central.”


 The girls had a lot to show for, but also knew how to handle defeat and be proud of their shining moments.


“The play had one of our players run under the basket to the other side where there were two screens set for her to make an open three,” junior Ariana Nikolav said. “Even though she did not make the three, it all came together and we ran how it was supposed to be. ” 


The team knew what they were getting into yet still wanted to put all their effort together as a team forward. 


After a long night of battling, the girls trucked through with determination, but never looked down. 


“After the game, I felt pretty good [because] we held them to a close game,” said sophomore Callie Bemis


Although they hadn’t come out how they wanted after the came they took it as a learning experience. They looked ahead to the next game already starting to prepare with winning mindsets.