Girls Volleyball has a Successful First Regional Game

The lady Sequoits take home a win last night in their championship season.


Kaylee Schreiner

The girls volleyball team stands for the introductions of both teams before their match at Waukegan.

The Sequoit volleyball team defeated the Waukegan Bulldogs in the first round of the regional playoffs. They play next, October 25, at Waukegan, against Lakes Community High School at 6:30pm hoping to continue their success.

The girls were victorious in two games with scores of 25-9 in the first and 25-16 in the second. When Coach Jamie Atkinson was asked what the team needed to do differently tomorrow to beat Lakes she responded,

“We need to be scrappier and not make as many mistakes as we did against Waukegan,” Atkinson said.

Senior Victoria Schultz also agreed with Coach Atkinson about reducing the errors as a whole team and focusing on the little things. The team did have many great plays throughout the course of the match last night.

“I think we played as a team and kept our heads high and cheered the whole game,” Schultz said.

Communication is key in the game of volleyball, and for the most part, the Sequoits were successful in that aspect.

Tonight’s match will determine if the Sequoit volleyball team moves on in playoffs and lives to fight another day or if their season comes to a close.