Give a Pint, Save a Life

Antioch Community High School held their annual blood drive.


Natasha Reid

Antioch Community High School 2015 Blood Drive.

Natasha Reid, Tom Tom Staff

On Thursday, Feb. 26,  Antioch Community High School held their annual blood drive. Many students and staff attended to donate one pint of blood. For those 18 and older, the opportunity to participate in the double red cell donation was offered using the Alyx machine.

This year’s annual blood drive was run by physical education teacher Greg Henning, who has donated 43 times. Along with very helpful volunteers and nurses, each donating whenever they can. But why volunteer?

“There are a lot of reasons why, but it was the only thing I really wanted to do.” said Mary Ann, a volunteer for Life Source.

As we hit our 100th anniversary of ACHS, we continue to grow, helping those along the way.

“My hand is numb and my arm is hot,” said Senior Jon Haeffele, a second time donor, with his donation three lives will be saved.

This years blood drive successfully provided plenty of blood to the local hospitals, ensuring the life of many others. With the help of LifeSource, ACHS gave back to the community, ensuring our 100 year a success.