Haribo Goldbears Travel 5,000 Miles to Bring German Culture into ACHS

German Club members compete to raise money for field trips and charities.


Maddie Monroe

Students in German Club are pushing to raising money for the various activities they participate in throughout the year. This year, they sold Haribo gummy bears.

The German Club is selling packages of gummy bears or sour S’ghetties for two dollars each at Community High School District 117 school in an effort to eliminate some of the cost of future field trips. Members are expected to sell a minimum of 20 dollars worth. 

Members participate in a number of events from Oktoberfest and Karneval to German movie showings after school; however, selling gummy bears is the thing that stands out the most for these students. 

With having over 30 members each year, selling gummy bears is a way for club members to interact with the students of ACHS. Selling gummy bears also earns each participating German Club member the opportunity to knock off five dollars from the original cost of their activities and field trips they do throughout the year. 

“Each person sells 10 packages of gummy bears or sour S’ghetties,” German club President Marjia Lalley said. “Kids love the gummy bears, especially the sour S’ghettie.”

The German Club didn’t always sell gummy bears. As a result of allergies becoming more present, their original sweet sale had to be scraped for the Haribo favorite.

“We used to sell chocolate and one of the reasons [that we stopped] is that with the new issues with allergies,” German teacher and club sponsor Danielle Katz said. “We wanted to try something new and when we went with the gummy bears. It went really well.”

German club doesn’t just sell gummy bears for individual gain; they compete to sell the most. Each member starts out with one box of Haribo gummy bears. The person that sells the most boxes wins a 15 dollar gift card. Lalley believes she will be the one that wins and has the most boxes sold, but she is certain that there are a number of club members that are possibly going to take the victory this year. She said that a student named Bryce is most likely to win the 15 dollar gift card because he was so successful with sales.