Harlem Ambassadors Take Over ACHS

The basketball show team gave the Antioch community a slam dunk of a show.


Lauren Ponzetti, Tom Tom Staff

The Harlem Ambassadors, a team of five exceptional show basketball players, dribbled down to Antioch Community High School on Thursday, Oct. 16, to offer a night filled with laughter, dancing and basketball.

The Ambassadors—made up of the fabulous Lade Majic, Darrell Miller, Nicholas Simpson, Devin Pankey and Douglas Williams—fearlessly took on Team Antioch, which was composed of 15 different community and school members such as Letty Rodriguez (owner of “Grande Letty’s), ACHS Principal Bradford Hubbard and ACHS social studies teacher and head varsity football coach Brian Glashagel.

The mission of the Harlem Ambassadors is to provide a fun, quality basketball show filled with giggles and dribbles to “distract from anything negative going on in your life. If we can help you to manage to forget about anything stressful, whether its work, school, family or anything, that’s what we do this for,” according to Majic.

A final score of 69-86, the Ambassadors dunked right over Team Antioch, but in the end the game was not about who won, it was about having an exciting, energetic and entertaining night with the members of our community.

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