Hope’s Playground Pediatric Therapy Helping Families

Hope’s Playground Pediatric Therapy impacts many in the surrounding communities.


Hope’s Playground Pediatric Therapy is a local business dedicated to aiding children with occupational, physical and speech therapy. A day’s work may entail helping a variety of children with different diagnoses for each patient.

“[Some examples of regular cases are] Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Premature Birth, Torticollis and General Developmental Delay,” owner Heather Morningstar said. “The most common diagnosis is forms of developmental delay because it encompasses many things.”

Treating a variety of cases requires different care for each patient. All employees are equipped to help every child to the best of their ability, and most children enjoy their therapy to an extent that their hard work does not seem so hard.

“There really is no standard treatment, we do a full evaluation on each child and develop a treatment plan from there,” Morningstar said. “Our goal is to help parents and children feel comfortable and happy while helping them reach their goals.”

Hope’s Playground strives to aid every family they can in an encouraging environment. Their drive to help children is clear, and they are continuing to be a positive part of the community.