How To: Cake Pops

With October coming to an end and the last three months of the year all having a holiday, many people are going to be cooking desserts to share with their friends and family.

Cake pops are a versatile dessert that can be altered in a variety of ways. One can use different colors or other candy in order to decorate them to fit a specific holiday or event.

“The ones I see in stores look really cute,” junior Mickena Prochnow said. “They change with the seasons sometimes which is cool too.”

The process is a simple one; however, it can be time consuming. When choosing the simplest process that does not call for extra decorating time, there are three stages: baking the cake, forming the cake pops and dipping them, with time for the desserts to cool between each stage.

For the recipe created in the video, supplies: a 9×13 baking pan, non-stick baking spray, box cake mix, one cup of water, half a cup of oil, three eggs, a bag of chocolate chips (or candy melt of choice), frosting (Pillsbury or Betty Crocker container), lollipop sticks and foam blocks.

This recipe will make around 24 cake pops, meaning there will be enough to share with friends and family, perfect for the upcoming holidays that center around those topics.