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Knowing people in college, Ive heard a lot about there being a lot of school work. Even though it scares me a little, I cant help but be excited.

Valerie Rosek

Knowing people in college, I’ve heard a lot about there being a lot of school work. Even though it scares me a little, I can’t help but be excited.

I Wish To Be A Young Adult

In a person’s twenties, they are not crushed by the weight of their parents’ rules but instead by the rules they set for themselves. I desire to create a path for myself as I attempt to go through college, stressed for multiple weekends in a row but still happy with my decisions purely because they are my own. I am able to go out and not have to worry about a curfew and I am able to make a mistake and find a way to deal with it in a way I am accustomed to.

The twenties are supposed to be ‘roarin’’. Being hundreds of miles away from my home of Antioch, I can make my own name for myself. I am in college, hopefully doing something that I love, and my life is starting right in front of me. It must be such an experience to plan such a thing like a person’s own life. I can assume that being an adult will create memories like those. 

I have lived in Antioch for sixteen years and when I become an adult, I want to explore. As I age, I want to have been nearly everywhere. When I graduate college, another chapter of my life will begin and I hope it is one filled with knowledge of anything and everything.

College graduation seems really scary. I feel I will walk to the podium, wobbling after nearly every step because it is the start of something excitingly nerve-wracking. 

I know the beginning of my life after Antioch Community High School will be difficult to adjust to, but it holds memories of some of the best moments of a person’s life. As a teenager now, I can’t wait to be that person.

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