If You Could Choose Anybody to be Your Parents, Who Would You Pick?

Paige Gruber, Tom Tom Staff

Could you imagine being little Blue Ivy, and growing up having the fearless Beyonce as a mother? Or what about a super, funny dad, who could never fail to make you laugh like Jim Carry?  What if we got to pick our parents, famous or not, who would you choose?

“Kloe Kardashian and Justin Timberlake,” junior Allison Craun said. “They’re are my favorite people and I seriously love them!”

Junior Matt Adams took a very different approach on the question.

“I would choose my own parents,” said Adams. “They made me who I am today and they mean the world to me.”

Family is forever, and even though we don’t have super famous parents, no one is going to love you as much as your true parents.