Instagram’s Top Fashion Bloggers

With the seasons changing, everyone could use a little inspiration from somewhere.


There are many different accounts from all around the world on Instagram. From gaming to fashion to personal accounts, Instagram has over 700 million users worldwide. Of these 700 million users millions of them are following fashion bloggers. Whether the accounts are small or large, there are hundreds of them.

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian Instagram blogger with a following of about 10.3 million people. She posts pictures with her semi-formal, unique looks. Another blogger ranking high in followers is Julie Sariñana with 4.6 million. Her outfits are more casual, day-to-day looks with her own personal touch added. Aimee Song has 4.6 million followers who keep up to date with her cute style focusing on accessories like bracelets, watches, purses, and necklaces. The final fashion blogger is Thássia Naves with 2.9 million followers. Her attire is relaxed yet elegant, sophisticated but fun, and functional while remaining classy.

Sophomore Nina Deckert commented about her favorite Instagram fashion bloggers.

“I don’t follow a lot, but I enjoy seeing posts from whatdoesthegiraffewear, greenboxshop_, and multipalstore,” Deckert said.

These accounts are a combination of stores and personal fashion blogs. Deckert gets some of her daily outfit inspiration from these as well as other accounts. Some of the accounts have a large sum of followers and others are less well known. The aforementioned are some of the biggest fashion bloggers. Whether fashion blog accounts on Instagram have large followings or small, millions of people around the globe follow them.