International Club is Replaced

This year the club splits into German Club and Spanish Club.


Clay Vesser, Tom Tom Staff

Another year, another club removed. International Club is out of existence, no longer providing students with an opportunity to learn about and experience German and Spanish cultures, along with a few others. However, it seems that cutting of one head leads to two growing back in its place. The International Club is now splitting into separate clubs for German and Spanish. Some view this separation of German and Spanish as a good thing, while others would prefer to keep the German and Spanish Clubs united in the previously offered International Club.

German teacher Dani Katz, who headed International Club last year alongside Spanish teacher Taryn Martinez, said, “As of last year we were asked if we wanted to have our original clubs back because funding was now available, and we said absolutely. So the big reasons for that is it helps for students to have more of a clear focus on one particular culture and language, especially when it comes to their high school resume. When they are filling out information, like applications to colleges, a college recruiter or anyone that’s reviewing that material is going to have a better idea of what German Club is, instead of International Club where they will say, well, what is that?”

Taryn Martinez said, “I’m excited. I think that it’s good for the students to be able to put on their college applications.”

Bringing back individual clubs for our two foreign languages offered at the high school allows students to focus more on one language and culture in particular. Both clubs plan to do the same things International Club did (food tasting, sports games, folk fairs, etc.), but with more emphasis on German or Spanish.

Both clubs have a $5 entry fee, but the cost for membership is extremely affordable considering that most events and food from restaurants is very cheap for members. Both the clubs and the students are excited to see what this year has to offer, a year that will be filled with food tasting, culture experiencing, and fun.