Johnson Wins Subway Grant

Special education teacher receives money to improve technology in the classroom.


Jason Wood, Editor-in-Chief

This past October, Antioch Community High School special education teacher Kelly Johnson was awarded a 300 dollar grant from the local SUBWAY and Fresh Films.

“Fresh Films [is] a local nonprofit that teaches middle and high school students STEM-related skills through a hands-on filmmaking experience,” Subway representative Madison Schmaedeke said.  

Johnson has plans in the works to use the grant in order to enhance the learning experiences of students in his classes and classes of other teachers in his department. Johnson plans to primarily invest in film equipment to be used for creating video lessons in order to supplement his students’ learning.

“For the past few years, SUBWAY owners in Greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana have partnered with Fresh Films to award local teachers with grants as a way to encourage more innovative programming in the classroom, and to showcase the many opportunities STEM-related fields have to offer,” Schmaedeke said.

Through the help of SUBWAY and Fresh Films’ grant, Johnson now has an opportunity to reshape his classes.