Jonny Untch Wows Students in Storytellers Series

Staff member Jonny Untch performs in this year's Storyteller Series


Joseph Kestian

Jonny Untch performing for the students of ACHS for the final day of Storytellers Series

On the final day of Storytellers Series at Antioch Community High School, the audience welcomed a performer that is widely known among the student body: band teacher Jonathan Untch.

Untch has been playing professionally on the side while also teaching at the high school for a while now. This year, he was asked to participate in Storyteller Series because of the stories he tells with his music.

“I liked that he was original,” senior Avery Malicki said. “It was cool seeing someone go from being a teacher to a musician and showing the other side of himself.”

Untch demonstrated the meaning of his music when he explained what each song was about and why he decided to write it. One song was dedicated to individuals who felt that they’re always told what to do in life. The pathway was already paved for them, but his song showed that everyone has the potential to pave their own road and create their own pathway in life.

“I think it was very empowering to show how happy someone can be if they just follow their dreams and never give up,” junior Maya Schon said.

Another one of his songs was to showcase his experience with his friend dealing with depression. He performed the song letting the audience know that if they’re dealing with depression or someone close to them is, that there is always a way out. Untch believes that everyone is special in their own way and going through depression can be prevented.

“I really connected with the song,” senior Cole Kazakeich said. “I feel like a lot of people could relate to it as well.”

Overall, the crowd enjoyed the performance by Jonny Untch and hope to see him in the future for Storyteller Series.