Local Walmart Supercenters Threatened with Bomb Threats

Consecutive bomb threats to the Antioch and Round Lake Walmart Supercenters leaves customers unsettled.


Logan Phillips

Last Monday evening two bomb threats were made directed at the Walmart Supercenters in Antioch and Round Lake. The police were quick to jump on the scene and evacuate each location, however the situation surely scared many innocent shoppers.

On September 7, two bomb threats were made towards the Walmart Supercenters in Antioch and Round Lake. The police were quick to jump on the scene and evacuate each location; however, the situation scared many innocent shoppers. Bomb threats are not only dangerous but also rare in Lake County. Two bomb threats within a short distance from each other had citizens on edge, with the same thing happening around noon the next day.

“Having a bomb threat called into a place where my family often goes is scary,” senior Noah Welch said. “The fact that it happened two days in a row is pretty eerie too.”

On September Eight, the police evacuated both Walmarts and sent an explosive detection canine unit to sniff out any potential threat. No evidence of any bomb was found at either location. 

“I didn’t know what was going on,” Antioch Walmart employee Matthew Soberano said. “So, I walked to the backroom to clock in. That’s when [my manager] told me another bomb threat occurred.”

Due to these circumstances, the Lake County Police Department is more prepared on how to act in future, similar situations. Walmart has advanced security measures to make sure their shoppers are safe. 

“Now we have a security guard that stays in the store,” Antioch Walmart employee Dean Dati says. “Thanks to the cameras, we know what he looks like.” 

This helps the police uncover who was behind these threats, which puts them steps closer to prosecuting them. While many might’ve thought their lives were in danger, the local police ensured safety to both communities, keeping the towns safe.