Math Department Welcomes A New Teacher

Antioch welcomes Emily Parris to the Math Department.


Emily Parris, new teacher at ACHS, smiles for a photo.

Emily Parris is teaching Math 1 through 3 this year and is passionate about the subject. 

“I am a teacher for many reasons, I have always had amazing teachers who inspired me to become just like them,” Parris said. “Ever since I was little I knew I was going to be a teacher.”

Parris chose to teach math because she has a passion for problem-solving and finding the patterns in the numbers. Parris’ previous teachers have left a lasting impact on her.

“Math was my favorite subject in high school,” Parris said. “It was the class I felt the most comfortable in.”

Parris grew up in Hoffman Estates and attended Schaumburg High School. She chose to teach at Antioch because everyone is so welcoming and inviting

 “Everyone is very eager to help or answer questions, which is great as a new person in the building,” Parris said.

So far Parris has loved working at Antioch and enjoys her students. Parris plans on having a positive outlook for the remainder of the year.