Most Popular Pizza Places in Lake County

Find out where the best slice of pizza is located!


Madison Paddock and Nathan Formella

Everyone loves a good ole’ slice of pizza, but where can you get the best slice of pizza in Lake County? We surveyed students of Antioch Community High School to find out the most popular pizza places in Lake County. The results will shock you.


Rosati’s Pizza and Little Caesars Pizza tied for third place with 11.5 percent of students choosing them as their favorite, while 20 percent of students prefer Domino’s Pizza. The most popular pizza in Lake County is Antioch Pizza.

Antioch Pizza is located at 994 Illinois Route 59, and has a wide variety of pizza for every kind of tastebud. With it’s cheap prices and quality food, it’s no surprise that Antioch Pizza is a favorite of ACHS students. From pepperoni, to Hawaiian, to Chili flavored, and even breakfast pizza, Antioch Pizza is the place to be.

Whether you like your pizza stuffed, frozen, as leftovers or just classic cheese, one thing is for sure, Lake County has some of the best pizza around.