Movie Review: Tall Girl

Newly released teen romantic comedy leaves viewers with mixed feelings.

October 31, 2019

Critics' opinions of the movie were not good, with a rating of 44 percent by Rotten Tomatoes. The plot was described as 'uneventful' and 'disappointing'.


Critics’ opinions of the movie were not good, with a rating of 44 percent by Rotten Tomatoes. The plot was described as ‘uneventful’ and ‘disappointing’.

Released on September 13 2019, “Tall Girl” directed by Nzingha Stewart is the newest of teen romantic comedies. This movie was hoped to reach the high expectations set by fans, but viewers were underwhelmed by the quality of the movie.

The movie displays the constant asking of “What’s the weather like up there?”. When kids actually ask that question it is more of a joking manner. The movie has many different areas like this, where there is a blur in reality. It makes sense that directors want to make movies that relate to the audience, but this was not portrayed realistically.

Curious to see what the tall students of Antioch Community High School had to say about height being seen as an issue in this movie, I asked what it’s really like to be a tall girl, as well as a tall boy at ACHS. The male students all said the same thing, it shows more dominance being taller than most other students. The female students, on the other hand, said they could not really relate to the movie. Jodi is a relatable character for those students who just want to fit into the crowd, but the movie itself is cheesy. 

“I think that the movie was funny,” senior Tiana Fox said. “It exaggerated some of the struggles that tall girls face in their adolescent life.”

Tall Girl sheds light on the underlying problems that tall students face in high school. Jodi (Ava Michelle), a six-foot one-inch tall high schooler is faced with the challenge of trying to fit in with others at her school. When first viewing the movie, it is implied that being tall is a burden, which is a message most would not want to spread.

Overall my rating for Tall Girl would be three out of five stars, based on the predictability and quality of the movie. The rating for this movie is low because it does not portray height as an issue, rather than something people should embrace.

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