New Innovation From Adidas In the Sneaker Game

Adidas has announced a new sneaker that uses a 4D printed sole.

In early April, clothing company Adidas released their newest silhouette in the Futurecraft subcategory, The Futurecraft 4D. This shoe follows the aesthetics of the advanced midsole design and primeknit upper of the 3D, but this shoe uses a new technology from company Carbon. The midsole of this shoe is created by using a Digital Light Synthesis machine, or a 4D printer. When discussing their breakthrough tech, company Carbon said, “Digital Light Synthesis is a breakthrough process that uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to generate durable products.” Basically, you project a 3 dimensional image of a shoe sole into a vat of programmable resin, and within about 19 minutes, a complete midsole is printed. This process creates an incredibly comfortable and personalized fit.

Adidas has already gifted 300 pairs of these amazing shoes to friends and family of the company. The shoe is set to be dropped in the fall of 2017 with only 5000 being released. These sneakers will be incredibly limited obviously, but Adidas is making plans to mass produce these to the extent of 100,000 pairs released by the end of 2018. See a Adidas’s video describing the shoe here: