ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Tips and Tricks for Having A Good Day

Although so many people are unhappy now, there are new ways to re-discover happiness.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Tips and Tricks for Having A Good Day

Mood swings are the worst: one period of the day is all sunshine and happiness, and then the next is dark and gloomy. This is something that every person experiences. That feeling of being all alone, the feeling of “It’s going to be one of those days,” where no matter what it is just a bad day. Although happiness can emerge from the darkness, a frown can be replaced with a smile with a few simple fixes.

For senior Aubryn Corey, her friends make her happy.

“I have a good day when me and my friends are having a great day in class,” Corey said.

Open up to the people who care. Let people know that bad things have happened that day, causing a rough morning or afternoon, let friends do their job. Everything in this sense will work itself out.

For seniors  Miranda Hopkins and Clayton Ushkow, it is much of the same with their friends.

“My tip to others is to stay away from pessimistic people,” Hopkins said. “Stay away from people that bring you down.”

“My biggest tip is to surround yourself with positive people and influences,” Ushkow said.

Although always being happy is a feeling everyone strives for, saying that this would be attainable would be very unrealistic. Everyone will go through an emotion or stage in life that will put them down. Happiness is something that comes and goes and while sometimes it is lost, it can always be regained. There are some ways to get through those feelings of grief, sadness, anger or doubt that can lead people to happiness. It is also digging deep and finding out what puts people in those negative moods, to then act on them and correct them.

“I wake up pretty early for zero hour, so sleep affects me,” Corey said. “Also by third or fourth hour if I don’t eat, I’m not in the best mood.”

Common trends for mood swings are the amount of sleep one receives and what they eat for breakfast in the morning, and most of the time; if a student does not eat well or sleep for six to eight hours it tends to put them down, and in a bad mood.

“Junk food and greasy food puts me in a bad mood for sure, but sleep doesn’t really affect me,” Hopkins said.

Every student is different, everyone has things that make them happy or sad, cheerful or angry. Open up to friends and family and look at eating and sleeping habits, the impact they can have can be amazing. Spend time with friends and family, and be surrounded by positive influences in order to achieve a positive attitude throughout the day.