Oregon School Shooting

A school shooting at a community college in Oregon on Oct. 1 has sprung a national debate on how to keep Americans safe without infringing on their right to bear arms.

Photo from Gunrights.com

Photo from Gunrights.com

Lauren Ponzetti, Copy Chief

The latest mass shooting in the United States occurred Thursday, Oct. 1 at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR, when gunman 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer released fire on several classes in two different buildings on the campus. The motive of the gunman is unknown and the gunman died at the scene, but it is unclear if the cause of death was self-inflicting or if he was shot down by an officer.

Ten people were killed and an additional nine were injured. According to wounded student Anastasia Boylan, the gunman targeted Christians asking who was Christian, and to their response the gunman shot them and said, “Good. Because you are about to be seeing your God in one second.” Although multiple law enforcement officials identified the gunman as Mercer, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin has not confirmed this identification as he does not want to, “give him the credit he probably sought.”

United States President Barack Obama addressed the nation Thursday evening. Being the most recent mass shooting in the U.S. a national debate on gun laws has become more relevant. Despite the firearms Mercer owned and used during the shooting being registered and purchased legally, there is still an ongoing search to find a way to keep more people safe from danger, but still free.