Ouija Boards: Practical Joke or Dangerous Toy?

The popularity of the Ouija Board in today's society leads to one burning question: Are Ouija Boards real?

Photo from: psychic-test.com

Photo from: psychic-test.com

Lauren Ponzetti, Copy Chief

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According to Google Search, a Ouija Board is, “a board printed with letters, numbers, and other signs, to which a planchette or movable indicator points, supposedly  in answer to questions from people at a séance.”

Antioch Community High School junior Courtney Coleman said, “Ouija boards are definitely real because of all the stuff that has happened to my friends and myself, and I would be crazy if it [Ouija Board] wasn’t.”

Contrary to Coleman’s take on Ouija Boards, junior Ian Flatley said, “Every time I’ve tried to use the Ouija Board it never works for me, so I’m pretty skeptical about it.”

There seems to be no solid answer on whether the Ouija Board actually has powers, since most can be made with just a block of wood or cardboard and a marker. But whether or not Ouija Board’s are believed to be real, they are still to be approached with caution.

“To do the Ouija board, you put your hands on the palette and then spin the palette in the counter clockwise position seven times and ask the spirit if it is here. When it says ‘Yes,’ you start asking questions. I wouldn’t recommend doing it, but if you do, be safe about it,” said Coleman. “I don’t know how many times I’ve done it [Ouija Board], but I know I’ve done it too much. I think I’m haunted, bad stuff started happening and now the lights flicker.”

Ouija Boards were originally invented in the late 1800’s as a fortune telling toy with incredible accuracy. It started out being used to solely communicate with family members, but then quickly escalated into asking too many questions and over stepping dangerous boundaries. Ouija Boards in today’s society are mainly used to prove bravery and courage, but if Ouija Boards can do what they are said to be able to, is the risk worth it?