Peer tutoring program creates new resource for students

At the end of September, ACHS launched a peer tutoring program that aims to offer help to students in all subjects.


Beth Kamman

ACHS students take advantage of using the new peer tutoring during school hours.

ACHS math and English support tutor Sean Connor is directing the new peer tutoring program for the 2021-22 school year. The program is scheduled to run before school and during lunch periods Monday through Friday and after school at Homework Hangouts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The program began running full-swing the week of Sept. 26, having almost 30 junior and senior tutors.

Connor worked closely with Principal Eric Hamilton, Lakes Community High School and various student groups to make a successful program. He believes the program will grow over time when students see its practicality and become comfortable.

“District 117 and Antioch High School continue to look for other ways to try and maximize the amount of learning support students can have access to,” Connor said.

Peer tutoring establishes itself in other districts around the area, and this additional resource at Antioch has the opportunity to give students the momentum needed to succeed.

Special Education teacher and Homework Hangouts sponsor Kara Bolton also thinks the new program was a great idea.

“I am hopeful that by having peers interacting with each other, it will make studying or doing homework more appealing and an everyday habit,” Bolton said.

Bolton hopes the program will encourage more students to attend Homework Hangouts. Students have a different relationship with their peers than they would a teacher, which might encourage them to seize this opportunity.

“I feel that [peers] bounce ideas off each other and discuss the content in ways teachers may not be able to,” Bolton said. “They can relate to one another more.”

Senior Alexander Le is tutoring students in both math and science. The program forces him to learn how to teach and adapt to the tutee’s learning style.

“I feel that I am impacting students by helping them achieve their goals and their wants academically,” Le said.

Students like Le, who are passionate about helping others, want to see their peers succeed.

While the program is new and has a slow start, both Connor and Le are confident that the program only needs time. When students become more aware of this resource, they may be more likely to utilize the support.