Picking Petals: Bachelor Recap

Picking Petals: Bachelor Recap

SPOILER ALERT: The 24th season of The Bachelor aired on January 6th containing numerous shocking decisions and suspenseful cliffhangers.

February 6, 2020

Picking Petals: Episode One


Emily Higgins

Starting with 30 girls, bachelor Peter Weber begins his journey to possibly find his future wife.

ABC’s The Bachelor is now in its 24th season, with one goal: to find Peter Webster a wife. Webster, a commercial airplane pilot, was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelorette where he hoped to win the heart of pageant country girl, Brown. Towards the end of The Bachelorette, Webster got sent home. Webster was crushed, but did not give up on his goal of finding a wife. 

The first week of Webster’s journey started off with him meeting thirty anxious women hoping to make a memorable first impression. This was not a typical first night for Webster when the previous Bachelorette star, Hannah Brown, made an appearance. She told Webster words of inspiration and she wished him the best in his bachelor journey. 

The first night in the mansion Webster got a chance to hand out a first impression rose to one woman that caught his eye. After Webster got a chance to talk with all of the women, he decided to give the first impression rose to model and former pageant girl, Hannah Ann Sluss. 

Later on in the night host Chris Harrison announced that it was time for the first rose ceremony of the season. Rose ceremonies are where Webster will have to hand out roses to women that he has made a connection with and also send home women in which strong relationships have not been created. Every week the number of roses he gives away to the women will decrease until there is only one woman left. At the first rose ceremony 22 women received roses and eight women were sent home. 

Continuing on in the week, Webster picked women to go on group dates and one individual date. Nine women were chosen to go on the first group date of the week where Webster brought in two female pilots to put them through pretend flight school.

Later in the week Webster picked Madison Prewett to attend an individual date to his hometown to meet his family. The last date of the week was a group date where the women had to stand up in front of a crowd and share a personal story.

During the last group date Brown made another appearance. She explained to Webster how confused she was about her feelings towards him and how she regrets sending him home in the previous season of The Bachelorette. He talked with her about their situation and left his feelings unknown. With all of those emotions on his chest, Webster cut the group date short. 

Junior Jessa VanGorp has watched every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for the past few years and explains her opinions on Brown. 

“I do not think that Hannah Brown should have shown up,” VanGorp said. “She had her chance to be with Peter so now she should respect his wishes to be the bachelor and let him have the experience.”

Picking Petals: Episode Two

Many of the women started week two upset with Webster about Brown crashing their group date, so he had a talk with all of the women stating that Brown is now in the past and he wants to move forward. After he got a chance to talk to most of the women, he gave the late group date rose to Sydney Hightower. 

Later on that night, one of the women, Kelsey Weier had conflicts with a few of the women in the mansion. She was upset regarding the minimal amount of time she spent with Webster. After the whole situation unraveled, the next rose ceremony began. Webster had hard decisions to make because there were even less roses to give out than week one. Nineteen women received roses and three women were sent home. 

The next morning, a letter got sent to the mansion stating that eight women were invited to a group date. Webster brought those eight women to a store with three fashion icons, where they explained that the women will be participating in a fashion show and the winner will receive a whole new wardrobe of clothes. Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller were picked to go head to head in a runway competition. Sluss took home the final prize leaving Fuller upset and defeated. 

After the fashion show Webster and the eight women went back to the mansion and discussed their feelings throughout the group date. During their discussion, Sluss told Webster that Weier was bullying her in the mansion. To end week two, Webster confronted Weier and she denied all of Sluss’ accusations.

Picking Petals: Episode Three


Emily Higgins

During the third week, Webster took Victoria Paul on her first individual date. They took a trip to Webster’s hometown to meet his family. At the end of the date, Paul received a rose.

To kick off week three Webster took Victoria Paul on an individual date to his hometown. Webster taught her how to line dance and then put the dancing to use at a country concert. Later on in the date they had dinner where Paul opened up about her family struggles and their connection grew stronger. Back at the mansion the rest of the women received another group date card.

The next morning, the women were woken up with a surprised, former bachelor contestant, Demi Burnett. Burnett organized the group date for the day and brought pajamas for the women to wear on the date. This date was one big pillow fight where the women can relieve the tension in the mansion. Alayah Benavidez won the pillow fight between all the women. 

After the pillow fight, Webster and all the women on the group date headed to a cocktail party to discuss their feelings. During the party, Sydney Hightower acknowledged a rising conflict she has with Benavidez. Hightower confronted Benavidez regarding what she views as an attitude and fake personality. 

Webster then sat down with some of the women individually, including Kelly Flanagan, Tammy Ly and Hightower. During their talk, Hightower brought it to Webster’s attention that there are women in the mansion that are not completely genuine around him. He took this very seriously and confronted all the women. Hightower then expressed her feelings about Benavidez to the group, which caused conflict to rise. 

The next morning Webster came over to the mansion for a pool party with all of the women. At the party he talked to multiple women about Benavidez. He had one on one talks about the opinions circulating in the mansion. Webster and Benavidez both left their short conversation very emotional and frustrated. Webster then cut the pool party short and left the mansion without getting a chance to talk with many of the women. Soon after the pool party, Webster came back to the mansion for a rose ceremony, where Benavidez got sent home. 

Picking Petals: Episode Four

To start week four, Chris Harrison stopped by the mansion and told the women to pack their bags because they will now be travelling to Cleveland, Ohio. Once they got to where they were staying in Cleveland, Victoria Fuller received an individual date card. 

On their date Webster and Fuller talked about their future goals and aspiration to have a family. After their meaningful conversation, Webster brought Fuller to a spot with a live performer, Chase Rice. Webster then found out that Rice and Fuller had a past relationship before she came on The Bachelor. This made Fuller very uncomfortable and left Webster very confused; however, after some talking, Webster understood the situation and gave Fuller the individual date rose.

“I really liked Victoria Fuller’s date,” VanGorp said. “I thought it was a very cute idea until they went to the Chase Rice concert; that made it super awkward.”

According to Vulture, an entertainment news website, this situation made Fuller uncomfortable because she did not want Webster to think she still had feelings for Rice.

Later on in the week all the women, except Kelsey Weier, went on a group date to the Cleveland Browns’ stadium for them to play a football game. Webster announces that the winning team gets to have a cocktail party with him after the game. The game ended in a tie, which meant all of the women would attend the cocktail party. 

At the beginning of the cocktail party the women discussed that Shiann Lewis deserved to get the first word with Webster since she received the Most Valuable Player award during the football game; however, Victoria Paul did not agree with this decision. Paul took Webster at the beginning of the night, which created frustration between the women. 

Another shocking turn occurred later on in the night when Alayah Benavidez crashed the cocktail party to talk to Webster about the accusations made against her before she was sent home. After hearing what she had to say, Webster offered Benavidez a chance to come back into the season, which she gladly took.

The next day Weier received a date card from Webster. They walked around town eating pierogi and dancing to polka music. They talked about culture and their heritage and in the end Webster gave her the individual date rose. 

Week four concluded with all of the women upset with Webster on his decision to let Benavidez back into the competition and his decision to give her a rose. 

Picking Petals: Episode Five


Emily Higgins

At the end of the fifth week, there was a second rose ceremony. Women Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan did not receive roses.

Week five started with Webster taking back all of the choices he made regarding Benavidez. He explained that he was sending her back home because the whole situation was creating too much conflict between him and the other women. 

Then, they had a rose ceremony where more women were sent home leaving twelve women left. After the rose ceremony, Webster announced that this week they will be traveling to Costa Rica. 

Webster met all the women at the new mansion in Costa Rica and asked Sydney Hightower to accompany him on an individual date. They talked about their backgrounds and what has happened throughout their lives. Later on that night Hightower shared emotional stories about her childhood at dinner with Webster. This gave Webster more insight into who she is as a person. At the end of the date Webster gave Hightower the individual date rose.

The next day Webster and ten of the women headed to a waterfall for a group date. Webster planned a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine where the best model would be featured on the cover of the magazine with Webster. Victoria Fuller was chosen as the best model in the end.  

After the group date Kelsey Weier talked to Webster about her feelings towards him. She revealed that she is falling in love with him. After their talk, Tammy Ly brought to Webster’s attention that Weier had been very emotional throughout the whole dating process. This made Weier feel as if she needed to stick up for herself which ultimately led to more conflict.

Continuing on in week five, Kelley Flanagan went on an individual date with Webster. During the date Webster had feelings of concern regarding Flanagan not being able to open up to him. After talking through his concerns, Webster gave Flanagan the date rose. 

The next morning Weier went to Webster’s house individually to talk to him about accusations being made about her at the mansion. Webster loved that Weier came over to talk to him and decided to give her a rose. 

That night the women were planning to meet with Webster for a cocktail party and another rose ceremony; however, Chris Harrison announced that they would be going straight into the rose ceremony; giving none of the women a chance to speak with Webster before sending people home. This made many of the women upset at Weier because she got a chance to speak with him and no one else did. 

As the rose ceremony was beginning two of the women took it upon themselves to talk to Webster. This upset some of the women that did not get any time with him that day. Two women, Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan, did not receive roses and were sent home. 

Picking Petals: Episode Six

The Bachelor is more than halfway through the season containing immense amounts of drama and intensity.

The sixth week started off with Peter Weber taking Hannah Ann Sluss on an individual date. Weber took Sluss on a walk around the streets of Chile to eat, talk and sightsee. During their talk, Sluss admitted that she had never been in love before; however, she is ready for such a serious commitment [marriage]. Later on in the day they went to dinner, where Sluss told Weber she is starting to fall in love with him. Then, Weber gave Sluss the individual date rose.

Back at the mansion, the women received one individual date card and one group date card. Weber chose Victoria Fuller to go one her second individual date. 

The next morning, eight of the women went on a group date where they acted in a Telenovela. That night Victoria Paul had a discussion individually about their relationship, where Weber revealed that he cannot picture Paul as his wife. Paul got sent home without saying goodbye to any of the women. Weber then talked with other women briefly until the night came to an end. The group date rose went to Madison Prewett. 

The next day Weber and Fuller went on their individual date. They went horseback riding and then ate lunch with people from the Chile community. They stepped aside after lunch to talk about their relationship. Fuller confessed that she has been struggling with the whole bachelor journey and she is very overwhelmed with the environment. 

Later at dinner Weber shared that he was caught off guard with all of her feelings. After a few minutes of going back and forth, Fuller left the room, leaving Weber confused and emotional. Once Fuller collected her thoughts she came back into dinner and apologized to Webster for how she was acting. At the end of the date Fuller received the individual date rose.  

Junior Bridget Nauman has watched The Bachelor for many seasons and expressed her feelings on Weber and Fuller’s relationship. 

“I think Peter still giving Fuller the rose at the end of the night even though they had some problems with communication shows how strongly Weber feels about her,” Nauman said. “I’m glad that they worked out their issues.” 

At the mansion, the girls received a date card with two names on it, Mykenna Dorn and Tammy Ly. Webster met with the two women that night and talked to them both individually about their conflicts. Ly told Webster that Dorn is not on the show for the right reason and that she is concerned for Webster. Mykenna then denied all of Ly’s accusations. At the end of the discussion Webster made the decision to send Ly home. 

After Webster got a chance to talk with the rest of the women, Chris Harrison announced that it was time for the rose ceremony. Sydney Hightower and Mykenna Dorn were the two women that did not receive roses, leaving only six women left. 

Picking Petals: Episode Seven

Week seven started with the women traveling to Peru. The first date card of the week came to the women’s hotel. Weber picked Madison Prewett to go on an individual date. 

Weber and Prewett met in the village of Pucusana where they walked the beach and talked about their time so far in Peru. After the beach, they went fishing and Prewett confessed that she has strong feelings for Weber. Later at dinner Weber and Prewett had a discussion about their faith and how important it is to both them. At the end of the date, Webster gave her the individual date rose. 

At the hotel, Natasha Parker received her first individual date card. Weber and Parker met at the Plaza de Armas to eat and explore the area. Once they were done walking around the area, they sat down for some drinks to talk. Webster came clean about his feelings towards Parker, saying that their relationship seems more like a friendship rather than a romantic relationship. They shared a long hug right before Weber walked her out.

The next day, Kelsey Weier received an individual date card. She met him in Pachacamac for a day filled with ATVs and fun. Towards the end of the date, Weier opened up about her family and explained how she has not been close with her father since his divorce with her mother ten years ago. Weber appreciated her honesty and gave her the individual date rose. 

The week ended with Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelley Flanagan fighting for the last two roses on a group date. The three women were stressing out about the possibility that they could get sent home. Once each of the women talked with Weber, he decided to give one of the roses to Fuller. Weber admits that their relationship is unique, but he does not think that is a bad thing. The second rose went to Sluss, leaving Flanagan upset and without a rose. Weber walked her out and apologized for having to send her home. 

Picking Petal: Episode 8

The bachelor, Peter Weber, had a chance to visit the homes and families of the four remaining women during hometown week.

The week started with Weber meeting Hannah Ann Sluss in her hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee. Weber began the day by giving Sluss a letter acknowledging his intense feelings for her. They talked for a while about their relationship until it was time for Weber to meet her family. 

Sluss brought Weber to her parent’s house to catch up. Sluss’ mother and father had a discussion with Weber about his intentions. Weber then confessed to Sluss’ parents that he is falling in love with their daughter. Sluss’ father took this very seriously and told Weber to be careful. At the end of the day, Weber and Sluss expressed their love to one of another. 

The next morning, Weber met up with Kelsey Weier in her hometown, Des Moines, Iowa. Weier took Weber wine tasting, where she revealed that she is in love with him. Weber responded saying that he is starting to fall in love with her. Later in the day, Weier brought Weber home to meet her parents and they gathered to talk during dinner. After dinner Weber had a chance to talk with Weier’s mother. She warned Weber that he cannot break her daughter’s heart. Weber insured her that his feelings for her daughter were immense.

After Weier’s date, it was Madison Prewett’s turn. Weber met Prewett in her hometown, Auburn, Alabama. Prewett brought Weber to the Auburn stadium where they would talk with the Auburn basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, and do a few basketball drills. The two headed to Prewett’s home to meet her family. That was when Prewett revealed that she is saving herself until marriage. Then, Weber had a talk with Prewett’s father about her purity. 

Junior Grace Rowe has been watching The Bachelor for a few seasons now and expresses her opinions on Prewett. 

“I think Prewett should have told Weber that she is saving herself for marriage way earlier on,” Rowe said. “Weber did not seem mad about the news, but it definitely shocked him.”

For the last date of the week, Victoria Fuller and Weber met in her hometown, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fuller brought Weber to do Old Timey Photos. Afterwards, Weber expressed his feelings towards Fuller. Weber said, in a positive tone, that his relationship with Fuller is 99 percent great when they are together.

According to Vulture, an entertainment news website, Weber has no conception of what a functional relationship looks like if he thinks his relationship with Fuller is close to perfect. Implying that Weber and Fuller do not have the relationship that Weber thinks they do. 

One of Weber’s exes made an appearance to warn him about Fuller. She explained that Fuller is known for breaking up relationships. This confused Weber and caused a change in plans. Weber did not meet Fuller’s family that night, because Fuller ran out during their date. 

The week ended with a rose ceremony. Weber gave Sluss, Prewett and Fuller a rose, leaving Weier roseless and heading home.

Picking Petals: Episode Nine

Week nine is fantasy suite week, which gives Peter Weber a chance to invite women to stay with him overnight in a suite.


The episode started with the end of last week where Madison Prewett told him she wouldn’t be okay with him sleeping with the other women during fantasy suite week. The next morning revealed that the three remaining women would be sharing a home for fantasy suite week in Australia. 

Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss went on the first date of the week. They went to Gold Coast where they went jet-skiing and then talked at the beach. On the beach they shared how much they loved each other and acknowledged how hard the next couple weeks were going to be since it was fantasy suite week. Later that night they had dinner and headed to the fantasy suite. 

The next day was Victoria Fuller’s date. Weber took her on a helicopter ride and then landed to explore the outdoors in Australia. After some time walking through the jungle, they stopped by a waterfall to discuss how they were happy with each other.

Later at dinner Weber and Fuller opened up to each other about their relationship. They agreed that their relationship had been rough, but they both want to move past it. Then they headed to the fantasy suite to stay for the night.

Junior Jessa VanGorp has watched The Bachelor for a few seasons now and shared her opinion on Fuller’s date with Weber.

“My favorite date from week nine is Weber’s date with Fuller,” VanGorp said. “I love that they went on a helicopter ride. It seemed so fun and beautiful, especially when they stopped at the waterfall.”

Back at the house, Prewett expressed to Sluss that if Weber was to sleep with either of the two women, it could be a deal breaker, because she is saving herself for marriage. Sluss did not react well to this and said that Prewett knew what she signed up for when she started this journey and should not be complaining about Weber’s relationship or morals with the other women. 

According to Cosmopolitan, Prewett could have been holding back telling Weber that she is a virgin because she was scared he would not be interested in her anymore; however this is only one of the possible reasons. 

The next day was Prewett’s date, which consisted of her and Weber climbing up the tallest building in Australia together. Once they got to the top of the building they talked about their feelings and shared their love for one another. 

Later in the night at dinner, Weber talked about his experience in the fantasy suite with the other women. Prewett expressed that she wouldn’t be able to continue their relationship if he had slept with Sluss or Fuller. Weber then shared that he has been intimate during the week. This caused a negative reaction with Prewett, causing her to step outside to think. At the end of the night Prewett headed back to the house with the other women making her the only woman that didn’t go to the fantasy suite.

Picking Petals: Season Finale Part 1

The drama and cliffhangers continue in part one of this two-part season finale.

The week started with Peter Weber traveling to the heart of Australia to meet up with his parents and younger brother. Once together, P. Weber told his family about his relationships with Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. He explained his situation with Prewett regarding her religious belief on saving herself until marriage. P. Weber himself felt as though the conflict came off as an ultimatum. His mom did not like the idea that she was trying to put restrictions on him. 

Then it was time for Sluss to meet P. Weber’s family. Sluss made it clear that her main goal when meeting them was to show how much she loved P. Weber. While talking, P. Weber’s mother, Barbara Weber, realized how much love Sluss had for her son and supported their relationship fully. His mother told the couple that they reminded her of herself and her husband thirty years ago.   

The next day it was Prewett’s turn. Before going in to meet P. Weber’s parents, the couple had a tough talk. Prewett admitted that she is only hanging on by a thread, but by the end of the long talk they both agreed to look past the hardships and move on in their relationship. 

Finally, it was time for Prewett to face P. Weber’s family. She started by explaining what her faith meant to her. B. Weber had a chance to talk to Prewett individually and expressed to her that she should not try to change or put any restrictions on her son. Prewett understood and agreed. 

Once Prewett left P. Weber and his family, B. Weber had a concern about her that she felt the need to express to P. Weber. She explained that she had an instinct that Prewett is not fully into the relationship and Sluss is a better match for him.

According to Flare, a canadian online fashion magazine, it was surprising to see P. Weber’s family speaking so openly about their opinions. In the previous seasons families usually resist sharing their strong opinions and let their child make their own decisions. 

Continuing on in the week, P. Weber and Prewett had a date where they went on a helicopter ride in Australia and took time to evaluate their situation. After a bit of discussing their relationship, Prewett announces that she is surrendering, meaning she is breaking up with him. She said that she made this decision so that Weber could leave The Bachelor with what he came for: love. 

After receiving that difficult news, P. Weber took Sluss on a date to see and feed baby kangaroos. The date overall went smoothly and showed that they were both considering a marriage and future with each other. 


Picking Petals: Season Finale Part 2

After many drama-filled and jaw-dropping weeks of The Bachelor, it is finally time to see who Peter Weber is with in the end.

The episode started with Weber waiting at the proposal platform for Hannah Ann Sluss. The host, Chris Harrison, broke the news to Weber that she may not be coming. This news put Weber into panic mode because she was the only woman left for him to propose to. After some waiting Sluss arrived. Weber informed Sluss that Prewett had already left and she was the only woman left. Quickly after, he got down on one knee and asked Sluss to be his wife, she happily said yes.

According to Entertainment Weekly, an american magazine and website, Weber should have told Sluss the entire story of Prewett leaving. Sluss deserves to know how and why Prewett left before accepting the proposal. 

The next step in the journey was for Weber to fill his family in on what the previous few days have consisted of. He announced that he was engaged to Sluss which created a positive reaction from his family. 

One month into their engagement, Weber and Sluss headed to Los Angeles for a couple’s visit. Weber admitted that their relationship has been hard for him because he gave his heart to two different women. This is when Sluss stood up for herself saying that Weber should have never asked her to be his wife if he did not mean it. After going back and forth for a while, Sluss got in the car and left, ending their engagement.

The cameras then cut to the live audience in the Tealight Candle Thunderdome, where Weber was live on stage ready to discuss the situation. Harrison called Sluss out to the stage to participate in the conversation. Sluss shared her opinion saying that if Weber wants a woman he needs to become a real man.

Harrison then showed a clip of him visiting Prewett in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama. Prewett admitted her life has not been good since leaving the show because she still has strong feelings for Weber. The conversation ended with Prewett saying she wanted a second chance. 

Back at the Thunderdome, Harrison called Prewett out to talk in front of the live audience. With both Prewett and Weber on stage, Harrison asked how this journey will end and Weber answered that they will take it day by day. 

This is when Weber’s mother chimed it to say that Prewett was not in love or ready for marriage. Prewett responded to say that she can not change the past and only wants to move forward. 

The episode, and season, ended with Harrison speaking with the future Bachelorette Claire Crawley, although there was no time to meet any of the future contestants. 

This season did not end in a marriage like it was meant to, but Weber is going to continue to search for love, whether he pursues it with Prewett or not. 


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