Picking Petals: Episode Four

February 6, 2020

To start week four, Chris Harrison stopped by the mansion and told the women to pack their bags because they will now be travelling to Cleveland, Ohio. Once they got to where they were staying in Cleveland, Victoria Fuller received an individual date card. 

On their date Webster and Fuller talked about their future goals and aspiration to have a family. After their meaningful conversation, Webster brought Fuller to a spot with a live performer, Chase Rice. Webster then found out that Rice and Fuller had a past relationship before she came on The Bachelor. This made Fuller very uncomfortable and left Webster very confused; however, after some talking, Webster understood the situation and gave Fuller the individual date rose.

“I really liked Victoria Fuller’s date,” VanGorp said. “I thought it was a very cute idea until they went to the Chase Rice concert; that made it super awkward.”

According to Vulture, an entertainment news website, this situation made Fuller uncomfortable because she did not want Webster to think she still had feelings for Rice.

Later on in the week all the women, except Kelsey Weier, went on a group date to the Cleveland Browns’ stadium for them to play a football game. Webster announces that the winning team gets to have a cocktail party with him after the game. The game ended in a tie, which meant all of the women would attend the cocktail party. 

At the beginning of the cocktail party the women discussed that Shiann Lewis deserved to get the first word with Webster since she received the Most Valuable Player award during the football game; however, Victoria Paul did not agree with this decision. Paul took Webster at the beginning of the night, which created frustration between the women. 

Another shocking turn occurred later on in the night when Alayah Benavidez crashed the cocktail party to talk to Webster about the accusations made against her before she was sent home. After hearing what she had to say, Webster offered Benavidez a chance to come back into the season, which she gladly took.

The next day Weier received a date card from Webster. They walked around town eating pierogi and dancing to polka music. They talked about culture and their heritage and in the end Webster gave her the individual date rose. 

Week four concluded with all of the women upset with Webster on his decision to let Benavidez back into the competition and his decision to give her a rose. 

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