Picking Petals: Episode Two

February 6, 2020

Many of the women started week two upset with Webster about Brown crashing their group date, so he had a talk with all of the women stating that Brown is now in the past and he wants to move forward. After he got a chance to talk to most of the women, he gave the late group date rose to Sydney Hightower. 

Later on that night, one of the women, Kelsey Weier had conflicts with a few of the women in the mansion. She was upset regarding the minimal amount of time she spent with Webster. After the whole situation unraveled, the next rose ceremony began. Webster had hard decisions to make because there were even less roses to give out than week one. Nineteen women received roses and three women were sent home. 

The next morning, a letter got sent to the mansion stating that eight women were invited to a group date. Webster brought those eight women to a store with three fashion icons, where they explained that the women will be participating in a fashion show and the winner will receive a whole new wardrobe of clothes. Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller were picked to go head to head in a runway competition. Sluss took home the final prize leaving Fuller upset and defeated. 

After the fashion show Webster and the eight women went back to the mansion and discussed their feelings throughout the group date. During their discussion, Sluss told Webster that Weier was bullying her in the mansion. To end week two, Webster confronted Weier and she denied all of Sluss’ accusations.

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