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Picking Petal: Episode 8

The bachelor, Peter Weber, had a chance to visit the homes and families of the four remaining women during hometown week.

February 20, 2020

The week started with Weber meeting Hannah Ann Sluss in her hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee. Weber began the day by giving Sluss a letter acknowledging his intense feelings for her. They talked for a while about their relationship until it was time for Weber to meet her family. 

Sluss brought Weber to her parent’s house to catch up. Sluss’ mother and father had a discussion with Weber about his intentions. Weber then confessed to Sluss’ parents that he is falling in love with their daughter. Sluss’ father took this very seriously and told Weber to be careful. At the end of the day, Weber and Sluss expressed their love to one of another. 

The next morning, Weber met up with Kelsey Weier in her hometown, Des Moines, Iowa. Weier took Weber wine tasting, where she revealed that she is in love with him. Weber responded saying that he is starting to fall in love with her. Later in the day, Weier brought Weber home to meet her parents and they gathered to talk during dinner. After dinner Weber had a chance to talk with Weier’s mother. She warned Weber that he cannot break her daughter’s heart. Weber insured her that his feelings for her daughter were immense.

After Weier’s date, it was Madison Prewett’s turn. Weber met Prewett in her hometown, Auburn, Alabama. Prewett brought Weber to the Auburn stadium where they would talk with the Auburn basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, and do a few basketball drills. The two headed to Prewett’s home to meet her family. That was when Prewett revealed that she is saving herself until marriage. Then, Weber had a talk with Prewett’s father about her purity. 

Junior Grace Rowe has been watching The Bachelor for a few seasons now and expresses her opinions on Prewett. 

“I think Prewett should have told Weber that she is saving herself for marriage way earlier on,” Rowe said. “Weber did not seem mad about the news, but it definitely shocked him.”

For the last date of the week, Victoria Fuller and Weber met in her hometown, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fuller brought Weber to do Old Timey Photos. Afterwards, Weber expressed his feelings towards Fuller. Weber said, in a positive tone, that his relationship with Fuller is 99 percent great when they are together.

According to Vulture, an entertainment news website, Weber has no conception of what a functional relationship looks like if he thinks his relationship with Fuller is close to perfect. Implying that Weber and Fuller do not have the relationship that Weber thinks they do. 

One of Weber’s exes made an appearance to warn him about Fuller. She explained that Fuller is known for breaking up relationships. This confused Weber and caused a change in plans. Weber did not meet Fuller’s family that night, because Fuller ran out during their date. 

The week ended with a rose ceremony. Weber gave Sluss, Prewett and Fuller a rose, leaving Weier roseless and heading home.

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