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Picking Petals: Episode Six

The Bachelor is more than halfway through the season containing immense amounts of drama and intensity.

February 12, 2020

The sixth week started off with Peter Weber taking Hannah Ann Sluss on an individual date. Weber took Sluss on a walk around the streets of Chile to eat, talk and sightsee. During their talk, Sluss admitted that she had never been in love before; however, she is ready for such a serious commitment [marriage]. Later on in the day they went to dinner, where Sluss told Weber she is starting to fall in love with him. Then, Weber gave Sluss the individual date rose.

Back at the mansion, the women received one individual date card and one group date card. Weber chose Victoria Fuller to go one her second individual date. 

The next morning, eight of the women went on a group date where they acted in a Telenovela. That night Victoria Paul had a discussion individually about their relationship, where Weber revealed that he cannot picture Paul as his wife. Paul got sent home without saying goodbye to any of the women. Weber then talked with other women briefly until the night came to an end. The group date rose went to Madison Prewett. 

The next day Weber and Fuller went on their individual date. They went horseback riding and then ate lunch with people from the Chile community. They stepped aside after lunch to talk about their relationship. Fuller confessed that she has been struggling with the whole bachelor journey and she is very overwhelmed with the environment. 

Later at dinner Weber shared that he was caught off guard with all of her feelings. After a few minutes of going back and forth, Fuller left the room, leaving Weber confused and emotional. Once Fuller collected her thoughts she came back into dinner and apologized to Webster for how she was acting. At the end of the date Fuller received the individual date rose.  

Junior Bridget Nauman has watched The Bachelor for many seasons and expressed her feelings on Weber and Fuller’s relationship. 

“I think Peter still giving Fuller the rose at the end of the night even though they had some problems with communication shows how strongly Weber feels about her,” Nauman said. “I’m glad that they worked out their issues.” 

At the mansion, the girls received a date card with two names on it, Mykenna Dorn and Tammy Ly. Webster met with the two women that night and talked to them both individually about their conflicts. Ly told Webster that Dorn is not on the show for the right reason and that she is concerned for Webster. Mykenna then denied all of Ly’s accusations. At the end of the discussion Webster made the decision to send Ly home. 

After Webster got a chance to talk with the rest of the women, Chris Harrison announced that it was time for the rose ceremony. Sydney Hightower and Mykenna Dorn were the two women that did not receive roses, leaving only six women left. 

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