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Picking Petals: Season Finale Part 1

The drama and cliffhangers continue in part one of this two-part season finale.

March 12, 2020

The week started with Peter Weber traveling to the heart of Australia to meet up with his parents and younger brother. Once together, P. Weber told his family about his relationships with Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. He explained his situation with Prewett regarding her religious belief on saving herself until marriage. P. Weber himself felt as though the conflict came off as an ultimatum. His mom did not like the idea that she was trying to put restrictions on him. 

Then it was time for Sluss to meet P. Weber’s family. Sluss made it clear that her main goal when meeting them was to show how much she loved P. Weber. While talking, P. Weber’s mother, Barbara Weber, realized how much love Sluss had for her son and supported their relationship fully. His mother told the couple that they reminded her of herself and her husband thirty years ago.   

The next day it was Prewett’s turn. Before going in to meet P. Weber’s parents, the couple had a tough talk. Prewett admitted that she is only hanging on by a thread, but by the end of the long talk they both agreed to look past the hardships and move on in their relationship. 

Finally, it was time for Prewett to face P. Weber’s family. She started by explaining what her faith meant to her. B. Weber had a chance to talk to Prewett individually and expressed to her that she should not try to change or put any restrictions on her son. Prewett understood and agreed. 

Once Prewett left P. Weber and his family, B. Weber had a concern about her that she felt the need to express to P. Weber. She explained that she had an instinct that Prewett is not fully into the relationship and Sluss is a better match for him.

According to Flare, a canadian online fashion magazine, it was surprising to see P. Weber’s family speaking so openly about their opinions. In the previous seasons families usually resist sharing their strong opinions and let their child make their own decisions. 

Continuing on in the week, P. Weber and Prewett had a date where they went on a helicopter ride in Australia and took time to evaluate their situation. After a bit of discussing their relationship, Prewett announces that she is surrendering, meaning she is breaking up with him. She said that she made this decision so that Weber could leave The Bachelor with what he came for: love. 

After receiving that difficult news, P. Weber took Sluss on a date to see and feed baby kangaroos. The date overall went smoothly and showed that they were both considering a marriage and future with each other. 


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