Pixar Universe Bursts Through the Door

This insane Pixar fan theory about universe continuity will make jaws drop.

For years, fans of the film franchise Pixar have theorized that the movies connect together. “Now Conspiring” journalist Jon Negroni has made the claim that some of the most recent 14 movies all lead into and out of one another in the ultimate conspiracy. Inspired by this video, the ultimate Pixar fan theory will make jaws drop.

The conspiracy begins with the movie “Brave,” a movie set in the Dark Ages. This facet explains why animals can have human characteristics. In the film, main character Merida discovers that magic actually exists and mistakenly turns her mother into a bear. The magic required for this feat is given to Merida by a witch who vanishes every time she goes through a doorway and closes the door. The witch causes inanimate objects to be seemingly semi-sentient, as well as causes animals to become sentient, although not capable of speech.

The animals are affected by the witch’s magic interbreed and begin to speak in other movies like “Ratatouille.” The rats can speak to one another, but are still incapable of human speech.

In the movie “Up,” the main villain Charles Muntz creates collars that harness the animal’s abilities to understand human speech. Unfortunately for Charles, the dog Dug foils his evil plot, thus causing human-animal relations to crumble.

The intelligence of the animals grows, their competence evolving to reading as seen by “Finding Nemo” when Dory reads the dentist’s address: P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. This appears to be the most sophisticated advancement by animals.

Around this time period on the A.I. timeline, an industrial revolution is kick started by the corporation Buy-N-Large, also known as BNL. This same corporation, in the movie “Up,” is theorized to be the one building around Carl’s house. BNL also makes an appearance in the movie “Toy Story 3” as the supplier for the batteries in Buzz Lightyear when his back is opened.  BNL is mainly in the movie “Wall-E” as the reason that human have left the planet for space. This fleeing and subsequent return to Earth, as well as AUTO’s hostile takeover of all of the people on the ship, proves technology’s growing hold over humans.

In “The Incredibles,” the main villain Syndrome uses the available technological advancements to become a “superhero” and plot the downfall of everyone on Earth. Although he has no powers himself, he uses technology to enhance his capabilities. He creates a “killbot” that has the necessary advancements to learn and anticipate the moves of all of the super-humans. In the movie, Mirage mentions that the advanced “killbot” or omnidroid is an advanced artificial intelligence that has spiraled out of control. This sentient robot turns on him, and begins to attack all of the civilians in the city as opposed to his intended targets: the superheroes. This act suggests that the machines are attempting to eradicate the biggest threat: the humans.

This increase of technology and subsequent industrial revolution leads to pollution that kills things and allows technology to take over, as shown by the complete lack of animals or mammals of any kind in the “Cars” series. This makes Earth unlivable for organic life, and by then all the humans left for the stars already in the”Wall-E” movie. These humans become dependent on technology and eventually die out after they return to Earth due to lack of survival skills. By the end of “Wall-E,” however, plant life has returned to Earth and “A Bug’s Life” is the result.

In the meantime, a new mutant species has emerged, “Monsters Inc.” proving this. Their civilization is thought to be the incredibly distant future. The monsters themselves are thought to be personified animals that have mutated due to the previous pollution from the technological uprising. These monsters have a form of energy supplied by humans, by the means of time travel. Each door is a time machine, and is the only way that the monsters contact the humans of the past. Boo from “Monsters Inc.” however, is aware of this future world and the monsters that inhabit it. The theory states that she becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Sully . However she only remember that doors are the key, and how she found Sully in the first place. She begins to travel through doors and becomes the witch from “Brave”.

The witch uses the will-of-the-wisps to time travel, explaining her presence in the Middle Ages. The witch that was once Boo, in other words, creates magical doors in order to find Sully. In the movie, a wood carving of Sully appears in the background of her hut, further providing evidence.

The complete theory can be viewed here.