Powder puff takedown

After a year of not having powder puff in 2020 and low participant numbers in 2021, the Sequoits take on the return of powder puff for the 2022 season in full force.


Laila Salata

The class of 2023 celebrating a victory over the junior class on Wednesday night.

After a long wait, powder puff has returned for the 2022 school year. The classic flag football battles between the freshmen and sophomores and the juniors and seniors took place on Sept. 21. during homecoming week.

Freshman Addie Webb experienced her first ever powder puff game on Wednesday night. Before the game, however, Webb predicted that the freshmen team was going to pull through with a win. 

“We have a lot of plays,” Webb said. “I don’t think the sophomores are going to be ready for them.”

Webb is hoping to be a three-sport athlete playing softball, basketball and field hockey, and because of this, she had confidence in herself to play to the best of her abilities and to work efficiently with her teammates. 

Despite Webb’s predictions, the sophomores took over and won the game 22-6. Sophomore Mycah Thompson was one of the players who helped lead the class of 2025 to victory. 

“My favorite part this year was doing it with my friends; they’re really fun and you just have a good time out there,” Thompson said.

Thompson explained that the team had a few communication difficulties; however, they were able to work past those issues and ultimately pull through with a win. 

“I think [powder puff] is unique, and I think we’re lucky that we get to do it because it’s a really good experience, and not every high school does it,” Thompson said. 

After the freshmen and sophomore game, the juniors and seniors got right on the field to battle it out for a win. Junior Macie Volkmar played powder puff during her sophomore year and decided to do it again. 

“The girls are really fun and just getting together and playing football because it’s not a girl sport, so it’s very different, and it’s really fun to try out,” Volkmar said. 

The junior team had a total of 34 girls, but the seniors stood tall and didn’t let up, leaving the juniors defeated with a score of 13-6.