Ready, Set, #ISpyACHS

Our annual tradition is back. Follow these riddles to find teachers dressed up around the school. Take a selfie with them and post them to social media using #ISpyACHS.

  1. Traditionally there are four, but today there are two. These sewer dwellers teach math to you.
  2. This teacher often takes students on an adventure, traveling for learning and creating good campers. Today he couldn’t decide on just one, so he may be three different costumes to join in the fun.
  3. Aye, aye, matey… go and walk the plank. This teacher’s crew of the littlest Sequoits will set sail this morning because it is a booty of candy they pursue.
  4. This teacher is oftentimes seen with a camera in his hand; for Halloween he will hail from a video game land.
  5. Chopping wood is what they do, venture to science to find these two.
  6. What would happen if Thor, Wanda, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Spiderman and Hulk had a baby: you’d get this ACHS alumna and her costume.
  7. These four are all VSCO, which is not something new. Back in the 90s, we wore puka shells, too.
  8. There are six of these throughout the school: pink, purple, green, yellow, blue and brown. Check out these teachers straight out of the 80s if you need to turn that frown upside down.
  9. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah–it’s Batman. Follow the bat signal to the place where activities and athletics to find this teacher in her cave.
  10. A conveyor belt of chocolate is part one of their most iconic scenes; to find this dynamic duo, just start shouting, “LUCCCCCCYYYYYYYYY”
  11. Across the pond is a land of fun. Venture to find a character hailing from Downton.
  12. In the stacks you’ll find the next staff member. If you fall back nearly five decades you’ll be right there with her.
  13. Ann Perkins can be found in the halls, the Sequoit staff member moves quick so try not to crawl.
  14. Jump on her bus and you’ll go on a not-so-risky venture. Ms. Frizzle is here to show you an educational adventure.
  15. She’s the mom who can stretch across buildings. Her incredible children can be found broadcasting.
  16. History repeats itself time and time again. Find the decades of teachers and play the game.
  17. This teacher loves to play his harmonica, but today it’s all about putting on a show. Hey, he’s Perry! Way to go!