REVIEW: Friday Night Lights

The book that lead to the hit film and television show will keep you up all night reading through to the end.

REVIEW: Friday Night Lights

Nicholas Dorosan, Advertising Director

A town, a team and a dream. In “Friday Night Lights,” author H. G. Bissinger tells a true story about a small town in Odessa, Texas, that isn’t known for how big it is or from any famous landmarks, but by its high school football team, the Permian Panthers; the most winning-est team in not only the state of Texas, but in the country.

If you ever find yourself on a fall Friday night in West-Texas you won’t find much to do in town, as all the store signs will read, “Gone to the game.” Football is more than just a game to them, it’s a way of life. In the economically-depressed town of Odessa, the 1988 team starts their season looking to win their first championship with the help from their newly untested coach.

One of the main reasons why I love this book is that it not only focuses on the football part of the story, but also how so much devotion to the team can shape the community into what it is. It also brings race into the picture. The Panthers show that even if there are prejudiced situations with having an integrated team so far down in the south, the team moves past that together and continues to grow.  Bissinger also does a great job with putting you into the perspective of the characters, he makes you relate to when you were in on those tight game situations.

Will Permian Panthers reach their goals and win the Texas 5a State Championship, or will there dreams be shattered like many other of the previous teenagers to wear those Jerseys? I guess you’ll have to read this page turner and find out.