REVIEW: “Need for Speed” has Fast Cars and Fast Thrills

Photo by IMDB

Photo by IMDB

Nicholas Dorosan, Tom Tom Staff

In the new movie “Need for Speed,” Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), is a former race car driver who owns an upstate New York garage inherited from his father, where he and his friends work. Not able to keep up with the bills, he and his team compete in after-hours street races. But when that is not enough, an old enemy, Domi Brewster(Dominic Cooper), shows up at his garage with an unfinished Shelby Mustang that Carrol Shelby was in the process of making when he died. He wants Tobey and his crew to finish the mustang for 25 percent of the selling price, $2 million.

But when an unexpected tragedy occurs, Tobey finds himself in a race for revenge.

The director, Scott Waugh, is a current American film producer, director  and retired stunt driver. So when it comes to stunts in the movie, Waugh knows what he’s talking about. Waugh also won the “10 Directors to Watch” award in 2012. A couple other movies he has directed include Navy SWCC and Act of Valor. He is credited as director, producer or executive producer and editor in all of these movies.

“Need for Speed” started off a little slow. At first I was a little worried the whole movie was going to be like that. Characters were also cracking jokes that weren’t funny, but it eventually did pick up. With the movie being PG-13, the acting not being the best and at some points I wanted to fast forward past the scene, it was not an Oscar-winning movie. But the high-speed races and the highway mayhem made up for the low parts of the movie.

I thought that this movie had an interesting cast, with some actors/actresses I wouldn’t expect in this sort of movie to ones I thought fit well.

Sure at times the movie did have some minor flaws, but I’d still recommend it. If you aren’t sure about seeing the movie, it will definitely be worth after you see the cars in it. 


  • Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall
  • Dominic Cooper as Dino Brewster
  • Imogen Poots as Julia Maddon
  • Scott Mescudi as Benny
  • Ramón Rodriguez as Joe Peck
  • Rami Malek as Finn
  • Michael Keaton as Monarch
  • Dakota Johnson as Anita Coleman
  • Harrison Gilbertson as little Pete Colemen