Rocking The Bald

Many people buzz their heads at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation annual event to raise money for childhood cancer.


Charlotte Bongratz

Freshman Hailey Russo and her sister stand with her brother and grandfather who just shaved their heads.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation came to Antioch on Wednesday, February 20 to fundraise for childhood cancer by shaving the heads of willing donators. Multiple local hairdressers volunteered to staff the event, each with their own set of razors, stools and matching smiles.

Founder of the Antioch Traveling Closet Lisa Fisher was the head of the event. As she has organized countless other fundraisers and events, Fisher pulled this one off without a hitch. Each hairdresser had their stool set up in a row, with St. Baldrick’s capes for each participant. Starting at 3:30 p.m., volunteers would walk into the W. C. Petty cafeteria, sign in and wait for their turn. Then they would sit on one of the hairdresser’s stools and wait for the fun to begin.

Adults and children both enjoyed partaking in such a unique experience. From first graders shaving their heads for the first time to a grandpa-grandson duo, many people left the event with a smile on their face. Every year, without fail, groups of friends grow out their hair just to shave it off together as a way to bond while giving back to the less fortunate.

Even third grader Kelly McHugh got in on the action and she only had one concern.

“Just don’t shave my eyebrows,” McHugh said.

As one of the only young women shaving on Wednesday, she brought a troop of supporters to watch as the razor buzzed through her head. After the applause died down and the razor had turned off, McHugh donated all of her hair.

Although the event is bustling with people every year, many Antioch locals don’t even know the occasion takes place.

“I didn’t know too much about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation,” freshman Chloe Kwasiborski said. “But knowing that our town takes part in something so beneficial is a really great thing.”

Fisher hosts this event every year and it is always a success. Though the fundraiser has already passed, the Antioch Traveling Closet functions year round. She is always looking for eager volunteers to help in brightening the lives of those around her.