Seasonal Fashion

Layers, boots and flannel top the list of Sequoit must have items for the fall and winter months.

Jason Wood

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May 11, 2018
Seasonal Fashion

Recently, layers and layering took over fall and winter fashion. Layering became the go-to style for men and women in order to beat the cold. A flannel covered by a winter vest is now a frequent fall outfit worn by women. Sweaters, half zips and pullovers combined with button ups or even plain t-shirts are practically everywhere in men’s clothing stores as soon as October hits. When the goal is to stay warm but look good as well, there are multiple ways to achieve it. Senior Abby Pierce and Sophomore Derek Olson each have different approaches on cold weather fashion.

“I feel like there are a lot of flannels [worn during the fall and winter] since they’re great along with scarves,” Pierce said.

Pierce knows that there is more to an outfit than just the top. She loves to wear her brown boots and boot socks, paired with either leggings or jeans to match almost any look. Modeling a simple flowing long sleeve shirt, leggings, boot socks and of course; her favorite boots, she is ready to tackle the upcoming season. The dark red of the top and black leggings are brought out by the light brown of her boots. The boot socks add a simple splash of beige to tie the outfit together.

Each item works in its own way to create a comfortable look that is cute and refined at the same time. While she isn’t wearing this outfit, Pierce likes to wear a scarf to add something extra to her clothes. She generally shops at PINK, Tilly’s and Forever 21. Other shops like PacSun or Calvin Klein can carry the missing shirt or pair of pants she’s looking for.

Olson is well known throughout the school for his ability to consistent- ly dress well. When asked about men’s fall and winter fashion, he also brought up layering. Olson demonstrates layering with his favorite cold weather outfit in these pictures.

“Usually I just wear t-shirt on the bottom so if I get warm I can take my coat off and then I put a windbreaker or sweater on,” said Olson.

He shows his style here, wearing a maroon t-shirt and light gray pull- over. Matching this look with dark blue jeans and dark brown boat shoes helps contrast the light gray of his pullover; keeping the look casual but classy. A simple black watch adds the finishing touch to this comfortable but stylish outfit. When an event requires him to dress up a bit more, he likes to switch out the t-shirt for a simple base color button up. In order to beat the cold, these undershirts can be replaced with a thicker flannel, to stay even warmer. These looks also work well with a pair of oxfords or boots, depending on what the weather demands. Men looking to recreate this outfit or something similar can find the different pieces at stores like Polo, American Eagle, Kohl’s or H&M. For the shoes, G.H. Bass & Co. or Sperry can carry the perfect pair for every outfit.

The cold weather shouldn’t stop people from looking good, there are plenty of options for warmth and style out there.