Senior Profile: Josh Breezee

Easy, "Breezee", Beautiful.

Senior Profile: Josh Breezee

Each day more than 1,300 students crowd the halls of Antioch Community High School. Students come and go each year. For teachers, the new year brings new faces and new stories. Overtime those new faces may start to blur together, but one Sequoit stands above the rest. One that is more than just a familiar face. For some, ACHS is just a stepping stone to something bigger, but for easy, “Breezee,” beautiful senior Josh Breezee it was a place where he was able to fuel his passion for the fine arts and find himself because of it.

From Reverend Shaw in “Footloose: The Musical” to being student director for “Up the Down Staircase,” Breezee has shown multiple sides of himself to audiences, staff, students and the community throughout his four years.

From his freshman to senior year, Breezee knew he belonged to the fine arts family. Starting with concert choir his freshman and sophomore year, he then moved to acapella. He’s been a part of madrigals for all four year. He also took a chance in something that he wasn’t used to and decided to take part behind the scenes as a techie and student director.

“I’m very involved with fine arts, I’ve been a part of tech and even student directed a few plays,” Breezee said. “My favorite play to student tech was ‘Up the Down Staircase’ because of all the teachers were able to participate and act in it.”

After high school, Breezee plans to attend the College of Lake County for two years and has been looking into the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay.

“UW—Green Bay has a great fine arts school,” Breezee said. “I want to go into school therapy. I’ve always been involved with fine arts and music especially; music changed my life.”

While at ACHS, Breezee has learned a lot about himself as person, he said he’s noticed his maturity grow, expecially this year. High school is a time for change and Breezee successfully accomplished that in his time here.

“So far, most of our lives are in high school,” Breezee said. “I’ve learned you’re going to lose friends and make new ones. People change a lot and I think what changed most about me is that I found myself. As a freshman, I was stupid and made stupid jokes. Now I just talk a lot, but it has more meaning.”

With graduation around the corner, like many other seniors, Breezee finds himself looking back at his time here at ACHS and the people who helped him along the way, especially fine arts department chair Wanda Teddy.

“Ms. Teddy has always been by my side since the very beginning,” he said. “She’s been pushing me to do things I didn’t expect myself to do and accomplishing things I couldn’t see myself accomplishing. She has been an amazing influence on me the past four years.”

As the class of 2016 get ready to walk across the stage and spend their final moments as Sequoits, the doors open to the new class of freshman. As a tribute to his high school career, Breezee gives his final piece of advice to the classes of 2020 and 2021.

“It’s the most cliche thing to say about high school, but get involved,” Breezee said. “No one ever says to not get too involved, but it’s so important to not get too involved. If you get too involved you get stressed out and don’t have anytime for yourself. Being involved in a lot of things made me find my group of friends and helped me grow as a person.”