Senior Send Off: My Future Career

I will be attending Columbia College Chicago in the Fall of 2016, and will pursue a career in cinema.


Clay Vesser, Tom Tom Staff

I’ve always been interested in film. Since I was in middle school, I would make short films with my brother around the house and neighborhood. While our acting wasn’t good, the camera was terrible, and the plots were childish and lacking substance, I learned a passion for storytelling. Since then, I’ve been immersing myself in the world of film, from visual effects and screenwriting, to cinematography and acting.

There is an overwhelming amount of jobs and careers in the filmmaking industry, and while I have an interest in most all of them, I have chosen to pursue cinematography and directing specifically. I will pursue my passion at Columbia College Chicago, an independent liberal arts college in downtown Chicago, one of the highest ranked schools for filmmaking in the nation.

Alongside my love for filmmaking, I do have a passion for journalism, and currently, I would like to work for Vice, a leading print magazine and website focused on arts, culture, and news topics. Vice’s YouTube channel and website produces compelling video content on issues and topics spanning the world, and I would be honored to work for them. Hopefully my current path will lead me there, or even better places.