Sequoit to Sequoit: First Sight vs. Taking It Slow

First Sight:

It is the feeling in your stomach, the butterflies that just won’t go away. When you look at someone and feel an instant connection; you see them from across the room and lock eyes. You might not instantly feel love, but you definitely feel something. It has nothing to do with good looks; if it did we would fall in love with the first good-looking person we see. It’s the mutual energy that’s given without speaking a word to one another. Most people can’t believe in this concept because they don’t know how it could be possible.

We live in a world where technology has taken over and love can be found all around us in movies, TV shows and books. It is only natural that the storylines leave an impression on a hopeless romantic like myself. Even though most of the time the stories are fictional, it gives me hope that maybe I can have something similar to what the characters in the novel have with each other. Most people tell me that I am too young to fall in love, but I don’t understand why there has to be an age limit on feelings for other people. These hopes have given me the ability to open up and let people in more often than not. I don’t know if I will ever find the type of connection I’m looking for, but because I believe so strongly in love I have faith that there is something good waiting for me.

Taking It Slow:

Love. It’s more than just a word. It’s an overwhelming, indescribable feeling. It doesn’t just happen overnight; it needs time to blossom and grow.

You can find love stories in hundreds of Hollywood movies: two people share a look and they instantly know that they’re in love. I wish these stories were based on how things play out in real life, but the simple truth is that “love at first sight” is nothing more than a fantasy. In reality love develops over time, growing a little bit each day.

Some people find themselves waiting their whole lives to feel that instant connection, but for many that simply doesn’t happen. Waiting for love to find you isn’t a plan, it’s an excuse. It is just a way to allow yourself to refrain from trying to change your current state of affairs.

I’ve always believed that love at first sight was something that I would understand as I got older. Once I entered the “real world”, I believed I would have my movie moment. However, I have come to understand that love is not something that comes knocking at your door. Love is not as easy as a simple feeling. Relationships work because two people are willing to put in the time and work to create something beautiful. Every day, over and over again, one must choose to be with their partner. Relationships are like plants; they have to be watered with compassion and bask in the sunlight of trust if they have any chance at surviving.

Love at first sight is a beautiful sentiment and although I wish that it could exist, it is only a fantasy.