Sequoits Field Hockey Loses to Sister School Lakes

The Sequoits hosted Lakes for a field hockey riviraly match Monday, September 11th.

Senior Deighton Butenschoen clears the ball out of the Sequoits' defensive zone.

Jacob Johnson

Senior Deighton Butenschoen clears the ball out of the Sequoits' defensive zone.

Moving into the rivalry match the Sequoits were 4-3-2 until Lakes handed them their fourth loss of the season. The Sequoits had been on a two match winning streak before Lakes beat them and they were feeling confident heading into their rivalry match.

“We had a practice on Friday, we worked really hard,” junior Callie Tubbs said. “We ran two miles and scrimmaged.”

Although the Sequoits may have been prepared physically, mentally they were not ready. The Sequoits’ bench was very quiet while Lakes’ bench was cheering, ‘every corner is a goal, every corner is a goal.’

Lakes struck first with a goal in the first half, however the Sequoits answered back with a goal of their own by juniorĀ Ashley Hradisky. The Sequoits defended their turf throughout the rest of the half but could not find the back of the goal.

After halftime, Lakes came out fired up and scored two more to carry them to a victor. The final buzzer went off and the Sequoits were defeated.

It was a tough loss for the Sequoits but they are determined to work hard during their upcoming practices.

“We are going to have a lot set out for us,” junior Karina Steitz said. “A little bit of everything will be worked on, especially communication because if communication doesn’t happen then the rest of the game will not go well.”

Come out and cheer on the Sequoits when they host Naperville North this Thursday at 7:00 PM.