Sequoits Save Lives

Students, staff participate in biannual blood drive.

Kennedy Hettlinger, Tom Tom Staff

On Thursday, Oct. 29 LifeSource invited high schoolers and staff members to donate three units of blood in the auxiliary gym.

For many students, it was their first time donating. For others, it was their third, fourth or even last time donating as a Sequoit.

Maryann, a LifeSource volunteer said, “It is important to donate blood because everyone is going to need it at some point in their life.”

She also enjoys working for such a rewarding non-profit corporation to encourage blood donation.

Because of generous donators, LifeSource is able to distribute half-million blood products annually to approximately 60 area hospitals. Donors have the added bonus of knowing their blood saved three lives.

Junior Lauren Bowers said she was a little nervous before donating blood for the first time, but is happy to donate for a good cause.

Not only was the LifeSource staff extremely welcoming, but they’ve also helped students and staff stay hydrated and replenished by offering unlimited amounts of juice boxes and snacks to those who donated.

Saving lives and free food, what more could one ask for?