Should Fine Arts Be A Requirement For Graduation?

Theodore Martinek, Reporter

One of the more difficult requirements needed for graduating from Antioch Community High School is a fine arts credit, which some students believe should not be mandatory in their four years at ACHS.

Junior Nichole Lass said, “Not everyone is talented enough to be in the fine arts.”

But being in a class that requires “talent” is not the only option. There are classes like “Fine Arts Appreciation,” where one learns about more cultural part of our society, with an emphasis on the humanities.

Fine Arts teacher Jonathan Untch said, “Learning about fine arts does not require any talent, and fine arts includes music, dance, drama, so students should give it a try before they assume they have no talent for it.”

Many of the classes teach students how to become better at the courses offered at ACHS. Students have to potential to turn this high school requirement into an opportunity for success.