Soccer Profile: Danielle Brose


Joey Kestian , Team Leader

When you’ve spent your entire high school soccer career as a member of the varsity squad, you undoubtedly are looking to make the last year the best year. For senior Danielle Brose this is the expectation she has to live up to–an expectation that’s been building since she first kicked a ball at age three.

“When I started at [Antioch Youth Soccer Organization], I instantly fell in love with soccer,” Brose said. “It was just something fun to do, and I liked being outside with all my friends.”

Brose’s favorite aspect of soccer is the bonding that comes with being on a team for a season. The laughs and memories that are created are what keep her hooked on the sport.

“I love the bus rides and team sleepovers for high school soccer,” Brose said. “It helps everyone build chemistry with each other and brings out the best in our abilities when playing on the field.”

In season, Brose plays as an outside midfielder for the Sequoits and contributes good communication while on the field.

“Danielle plays her position very well,” senior Morgan Keefer said. “During practice she is always working hard on our drills in practice to earn her playing time on the field.”

One of Broses strengths is that she has exceptional foot skills: being able to pass and trap accurately with both her right and left feet. Brose sees a weakness to be her ability to read plays in the moment during a game.

“My position is difficult when it comes to reading plays,” Brose said. “It causes me to sometimes not be in the right place at the right time to receive a pass and move the ball up the field.”

Being a senior, Brose acts a leader for the team. Being a four year varsity player, her experience can be helpful to the underclassmen.

I believe that I have leadership qualities and a good attitude that I could give to my teammates,” Brose said. “I always want to see them do the best that they can do, and will always help them correct mistakes when I am able.”

Brose also has many goals for the upcoming season, which include working on her reading of plays and communication on the field. The biggest goal Brose has for the season is to capture a regional title because it’s her last season competing as a Sequoit.

“Winning a regional is just something I’d like to accomplish before leaving ACHS,” Brose said. “Being on the team for four years has made me want it even more since we just barely missed it last year to Wauconda.”

With that being said, Brose has made the choice to not continue soccer in her college career but plans on attending the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point this upcoming fall.