Sophomores and Seniors Reign Supreme in Powder Puff Games

The girl's annual flag football game does not disappoint.


Johnny Horton

The seniors celebrate after defeating the juniors 26-6.

Vanessa Solis and Mardochee Kamanga

Johnny Horton, Assistant Creative Director

On Sept. 22., Antioch Community High School girls from the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes laced up their cleats and took the football field for some Monday night flag football.

The freshmen and sophomores were the first to play. The freshmen started the game off strong. They were able to move down the field quickly and efficiently, by passing the football to freshman Ella Maggio. But that wouldn’t last for long, because of the dynamic duo Ashley and Amy Reiser. Amy had two interceptions and Ashley had multiple 20 yard rushes, along with a touchdown from freshman Ashley Stevens. In the end, the sophomores reigned supreme over the freshmen.

After the sophomores and freshmen walked off the field, the juniors and seniors began their game. In all black and war paint ready, the seniors kicked the ball off to the juniors. On the first possession of the game, the juniors were eager to prove themselves after last year’s loss. But they wouldn’t get far, as the seniors came up big on defense. From there on, the seniors pounded the junior defense with run after run. The seniors scored on four of the five drives, crushing the juniors with a final score of 26-6.