Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts?

Every season is coffee season.

Natasha Reid

Kennedy Hettlinger, Tom Tom Staff

Coffee is a convenient and satisfying go-to pick-me-up. The difficult part is deciding where to purchase your next Americano or Chai Latte.

This decision might be made easier if distance is looked upon as a factor, but,in the Midwest, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are the two most prominent coffee franchises, which happen to be within several miles of most areas.

Despite the equal availability, most teachers and students have a preferred business for their morning caffeine.

“Starbucks coffee is a lot stronger and tastes a lot better than Dunkin’ Donuts.” said senior Kelly Johnson, who has been purchasing Starbucks coffee since 8th grade. Johnson also admits to only drinking Dunkin’ when she needs a quick boost of energy and doesn’t have time to drive an extra 15 minutes.

“I am not a huge coffee afficiando, so I prefer it sweet and sugary,” English teacher Samuel Worden said. “The Dunkaccino is something I like. It’s cheaper and faster.”

Nevertheless, all coffee has the same purpose: energy. The flavor that energy comes in, though, depends on personal preference.