“Super Straight:” A New Sexuality?

The creation of the “super straight” community has caused many arguments across social media platforms.


Charles Hulting

Recently, there has been a breakout of arguments across social media following the creation of a new movement or community called “Super Straight.” This has people divided, as everyone navigates through the true intentions of this campaign.

Insider Magazine reports that new members that identify as “super straight” define their beliefs as an attraction to the opposite sex with the exclusion of all transgender people. The controversy is not because the members would not willingly date a transgender person; that is simply their preference. The actual conflict is the movement’s claim that their preference is a sexual orientation.

Critics of the campaign did their research; they found the root cause of this entire movement was to invoke a reaction from the LGBTQ+ community and drive a wedge between the members of the community. On top of that, the group’s flag showcases the SS symbol associated with white supremacists and neo-nazis; this information is backed up by this list from the Anti-Defamation League’s website.

“The LGBTQ community was made for people to feel safe and accepted in a community when they feel discriminated against in the normal world,” ACHS junior Jasmine Ametvoski said. 

Many people, like Ametovski, believe that the foundation of this new “sexuality” is transphobic and mocking the LGBTQ+ community because the “super straights” are acting as if they are oppressed for their sexual preferences. As with any argument, there are two sides; the other side of this conflict aligns their beliefs with the idea that “super straight” is a way for people to state they would not date transgender people. 

“When someone claims they are ‘super straight,’ they just mean they would not want to date a transgender person,” ACHS junior Sean Wagner said. “Like a man would not want to date a woman who was formerly a man, which is completely okay and acceptable.”

People arguing on this side of the conflict drive the main point that the “super straight” movement was started as a joke by a user on TikTok. They also brought up the idea that it provides a safe space to those who prefer only being romantically involved with cisgender females and males, not transgender people.