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Over the past ten years, many companies have released games with special editions and perks for pre-ordering video games, with the trend getting more prevalent. “I think it has potential to increase,” junior Liam Mash said. “Because game developers can say ‘Oh people will pre-order a game, we don’t need to try as hard.”

Charging More for a Yearly Release

October 25, 2019

The video game industry has introduced many new practices over the past decade meant to increase profit...



February 22, 2019

Boston-based company Harmonix strung into gamers hearts with the creation of “Guitar Hero,” in 2005. ...

Video Games on the Horizon

Jake Ilkka, Tom Tom Staff

January 25, 2019

A number of Triple-A video game development companies recently announced their major game releases for 2019. These are four of the major releases: “Kingdom Hearts III” (Jan. 29)—an action-RPG set in the worlds of Disney and Pixar movies. It is set to release on XBOX ONE, PC and Playstation 4. While these games may not ap...

The Future of the Battle Royale Genre

The Future of the Battle Royale Genre

August 30, 2018

The so called "Battle Royale" genre of video games has recently gained huge popularity, quickly making...

APP OF THE WEEK: Red Bull Air Race: The Game

September 25, 2014

Fly into the fast paced world of the 12 Red Bull pilots with this week's App Of The Week, "Red Bull...

Beake Bros. Cook Up Homemade Gaming

Beake Bros. Cook Up Homemade Gaming

February 21, 2014

Up - up - down - down - left - right - left - right - B - A - start: the most famous cheat code in all...

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