Technology Brings New People Together

Technology has been a huge part of the daily lives of students which allows access to anything.

Social media is the main way teens communicate today which is how teens meet from all over.

Kylar Arias

Social media is the main way teens communicate today which is how teens meet from all over.

Today, technology creates a network that stretches across the globe and people tend to use it to their advantage. According to Eric Miller from BizJournals, mass and social media is said to be one of the biggest ways in bringing people together.

People today are able to fully communicate with others who may not even live in their own state, or in an extreme case, someone out of the country. This may seem like a bad thing, but it can also have some benefits. For others who are looking to branch out and find new people to connect with, technology is where it can help a person out. 

Many people at Antioch Community High School have already experienced making friends with others from all over the world. 

“Social media has probably been the main way I’ve been able to talk to people from other areas outside of Antioch,” sophomore Briar Russell said.  

 People can call, text or FaceTime across the country by finding someone on a social media app and getting their phone number or Snapchat. This allows people to communicate from anywhere in the world. 

“It is a lot easier to talk to people through technology who don’t live in Antioch,” senior Alec Sanchez said. “I can use Snapchat or just getting a phone number I can text people from all over.” 

Just with a click or tap of a button, one is able to send or receive a message on a specific platform from anywhere. Snapchat is a big culprit of communicating with others that one may never have met or seen before. This may be seen as a problem in the eyes of adults, but it can have some benefits, as teens may feel comfortable talking to someone who does not know them directly. Along with the idea of being able to talk it may open up many other friendships for teens all over. 

“I mainly met people through Instagram and have been able to build relationships with them which is pretty cool that I’m able to talk and meet people from different locations,” freshman Tobey Koerper said.

Overall technology continues to be a big help in many people’s lives, especially with all the different texting apps and social media that are out there today. Allows teens to branch out and associate with a variety of people, not just those from your hometown.