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Ten Things You Need to Know: February 3-7

Read about some of the most important things that happened each week here on Sequoit Media.

Two Avalanches sweep through Eastern Turkey

After one avalanche struck the town of Bahcesaray in the Van Province late on the evening of February 4, 300 rescuers were called to help the town. Five people were killed by the first avalanche but near noon of February 5, a second avalanche hit the same town. According to Middle Eastern news station, Aljazeera, 30 rescuers escaped from underneath the snow and were hospitalized, the original death toll of 5 has risen to 41 people. 


Nancy Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s State of the Union Script

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While United States President Donald Trump was giving his State of the Union Address to the Senate on February 4, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi tore the speech in half. According to the New York Post, Pelosi said she ‘tore up a manifesto of mistruths’, Pelosi declared that she did not step over the line with her behavior that evening. Pelosi also stated that the House of Representatives would continue to oversee the actions of the administration, even though charges against Trump were acquitted.


Car Crashes Through Barriers at Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade

A 42-year-old Kansas City resident was charged with resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor driving while intoxicated, after crashing his car through the barriers set up along the Super Bowl parade route. According to news site KMBC 9,  emergency vehicles attempted to stop the driver, but the man kept driving until a tactical vehicle intervention disabled his vehicle.


Iowa Caucus Results Have Errors

People were expecting results to be posted the night of the Iowa Caucus, but there were errors in the caucus math worksheet that resulted in the postponed outcome of the caucus. Results moved up to 99 percent reporting by Friday February 7, with Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders leading. According to The Hill, there is not any evidence to support the ideas that the errors were purposeful, nor that the two leading politicians, Buttigieg and Sanders significantly benefitted from the errors.


Hit and Run in Oklahoma Kills Two High School Runners

A pickup truck ran into a pack of six cross country runners from Moore High School on February 3, killing one sophomore girl instantly and sending the others to the hospital. A second student, senior Rachel Freeman, died on February 4 from injuries related to the accident. According to USA Today, one runner remains in critical condition, while the other three have undergone surgery or have been released from the hospital.


Trump Acquitted of all Offenses

The long-awaited impeachment trial of the 45th president Donald Trump has finally come to an end. On February 5, 2020 Trump was acquitted of charges that he abused his power and obstructed Congress to aid his own re-election. The voting to have witnesses in the trial ended with 49 senators wanting to allow them, but 50 were needed, so it was declined. The New York Times found that after the three week debate, the senate fell well short of convicting Trump of the charges. It was the third impeachment trial in American history, all of which ended without the president being removed from office. 


Republican Senator Votes Against Trump

Republican senator of Utah Mitt Romney voted to charge President Donald Trump of abusing his power and obstruction of justice. Romney was the only senator to cross party lines with every Democrat voting to remove him and every Republican wanting to acquit him. With the Senate being mostly Republican, he was at odds against his fellow party members. Romney was the 2012 Republican presidential candidate running against former president Barack Obama. Business Insider reported that Trump was planning to take revenge on Romney for his actions against him. 


Malcolm X Case Possible Being Reopened

After over five decades of civil rights leader and activist Malcom X’s death, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is reconsidering opening the case. Malcolm X was speaking at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan in 1965 when he was shot and killed. Three people were convicted of the murder, but there is a new documentary on Netflix that Spectrum News says will bring new evidence to the case. It will be called, “Who Killed Malcolm X?” The documentary is said to disclose that two of the people arrested for the crime were not at the scene the time of the murder. The Manhattan DA office will be doing interviews and research to see if it is necessary to reopen the case.


Female Astronaut Returns After Breaking Records in Space

Christina Koch is an engineer at NASA and was sent to space in 2019. After 328 days, she finally returned back to Earth. Koch broke the record for the longest single spaceflight done by a woman. Besides breaking world-records, she also did impactful research whilst aboard the international space station. According to the Guardian, she was goring protein crystals for potential treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. While she was short of the all time record in space by 12 days, her mission was no way near disappointing.


Iowa Caucus Favors Buttigieg

The Iowa Caucus is the first major voting event for the presidential candidates. Iowa is not representative of the overall average ethnicity in the United States, but the Independent states that it has been found that since it is the first contest, it is a tell-tale sign for who will when the seat in the White House. Although CNN found many errors and inconsistencies with the caucus, the original numbers are still available for the world to see. 26.2 percent of the delegates voted for former mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg. Therefore, some believe this means that Buttigieg has a good chance for winning the election.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Oklahoma neighborhood left fearful after neighbor attempts to breakdown fence with Roomba.
  • Principal at Camas High School in Washington placed on leave for Facebook post about Kobe Bryant’s death.
  • Wisconsin Coronavirus case marks 12th case in the United States.
  • Antarctica hit 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the warmest temperature ever recorded.

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