The 2020 Democratic Debate

The Democratic primaries are in 2020, but many in the running for the presidency share their opinions on how to run the country in hopes of getting the people’s votes.


Ngoc Tran

The September debate was the third one, making America ever so closer to the primaries.

CNN showcased the debate on September 12 in Houston, Texas. Ten candidates fought their side as they continue on the path to the American presidency. Candidates talked about foreign policy, gun control, health care and race. Front-runner Joe Biden, former vice-president to Barack Obama, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren were assumed to have a tension filled debate whilst on-stage, yet watchers were disappointed when Warren ended up being only a little involved. 

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro was not very liked during the debate due to his harsh words about Biden’s age. Castra continued to comment on how Biden’s ideas might be ‘old’ and then would ask whether or not he forgot what he was talking about before. CNN Politics considers this a loss for Castro, seeing as viewers would not want to represent someone who talks badly to another candidate.

Gun control was a hot topic throughout the debate, especially for former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke’s home town, El Paso had a fatal shooting weeks prior, which has only pushed O’Rourke further into taking away assault rifles from the hands of civilians. Both Biden and Warren agreed with O’Rourke in the sense that there needs to be better gun regulation in America.

While it was a Democratic debate there were many digs at current, Republican President Donald Trump. California’s Senator Kamala Harris used her opening statement as a way for her to address Trump directly about the hate she believes he has spread. New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker also made it clear that he wanted Trump to be a one-term president.

Trump’s first term will end in November of 2020 when the next president of the United States will be elected. Only seniors and a select amount of juniors at Antioch Community High School will be able to vote for the 2020 election.

“I think seniors who vote should be [watching the debates],” junior Amanda Paddock said. “They actually have a say, but if people my age don’t care about it then they shouldn’t have to watch it.”

The Washington Post considers both Warren and Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg winners while CNN thinks Biden, O’Rourke and Harris won. 

“The people who have been winning all the [debates] are the ones good at debating,” ACHS social studies teacher Emma Craig said. “The top five, [such as] Biden, Warren and Sanders [are] good at debating. So, I think they came off as the winners.”

According to ABC news, the next debate is set to be October fifteenth. This leaves time for candidates to build up their arguments and prepare for the election.